2023 Annual Conference Materials

73rd Annual Local Government Conference speaker presentations and materials


Wednesday, November 29, 2023 — Newly Elected Officials (Online)
Monday, December 4, 2023 — Newly Elected Officials
Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Budget and Fiscal Condition

Recruiting, Retaining, & Managing a Healthy Workforce      Kahtnu 1
Moderated by Alicia Hughes-Skandijs, Alaska Municipal League

Preparing for & Mitigating Environmental Impacts Kahtnu 2
Moderated by Jennifer Adleman, FEMA DHSEM – Hazard Mitigation Planning

  • Garrett Brooks, State Hazard Mitigation Officer
  • John Andrews, Mitigation Planning Program Manager
  • Rai Simpliciano, BRIC Manager
  • Stacy Gundersen, FEMA Region 10 Tribal Liaison

Local Government Role in Broadband         Tubughnenq 3
Moderated by Carole Triem, Alaska Municipal League

Introduction to Asset Management         Tubughnenq 4
Moderated by Angela Engelkes, Alaska Municipal League

Implementation of Carbon Offset Program         Tubughnenq 5
Moderated by Beth Weldon, City & Borough of Juneau

Implementation of Updated Alcohol Statutes and Regulations Kahtnu 1
Moderated by Stu Graham, City of Wasilla

Hiring and Managing a Village Police Officer         Kahtnu 2
Moderated by Meghan Topkok, City of Nome

Advancing Digital Equity         Tubughnenq 3
Moderated by Erin Reinders, Alaska Municipal League

Implementing Effective Asset Management         Tubughnenq 4
Moderated by Angela Engelkes, Alaska Municipal League

Cities of Opportunity and Social Determinants of Health         Tubughnenq 5

Evaluating Building Codes       Kahtnu 1
Moderated by Erin Reinders, Alaska Municipal League

  • Michael Spencer, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Energy Intake Hub and Project Development       Kahtnu 2

  • Griffin Plush and Trisha Sims, Alaska Municipal League

Coastal Caucus       Tubughnenq 3

  • Robert Venables, Southeast Conference

AWIFNC Cohort – Onboarding       Tubughnenq 4

  • Angela Engelkes and Melody Nibeck, Alaska Municipal League
Thursday, December 7, 2023

Labor Negotiations – Best Practices Kahtnu 1
Moderated by Glenda Ledford, City of Wasilla 

Developing a RRIF and TIFIA Plan for Alaska         Kahtnu 2
Moderated by Clay Walker, Denali Borough

Strengthening Coastal Resilience         Tubughnenq 3
Moderated by Pat Branson, City of Kodiak

Local Government Action on Housing         Tubughnenq 4
Moderated by John Whiddon, City of Kodiak AML – Accessory Dwelling Units

  • Mason Villarma, City and Borough of Wrangell
  • Katie Koester, City and Borough of Juneau
  • Felix Rivera, Municipality of Anchorage
  • John Moosey, City of Palmer
  • Peter Amylon, Ketchikan Gateway Borough

AML Grant Writing Experience and Services         Tubughnenq 5

Moderated by Britta Hamre, Alaska Municipal League

Making the Most of Your Money Kahtnu 1
Moderated by Alicia Hughes-Skandijs, Alaska Municipal League

BSA – Evaluating the Cap Kahtnu 2
Moderated by Terry Haines, City of Kodiak

  • Heidi Teshner, Deputy Commissioner, DEED

New Energy – Deploying Federal Investments         Tubughnenq 3
Moderated by Stephanie Nowers, Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Leveraging Generative AI – Effective Use of ChatGPT         Tubughnenq 4  
Moderated by Felix Rivera, Municipality of Anchorage

Alaska’s Public Lands and NACo         Tubughnenq 5
Moderated by Carole Triem, Alaska Municipal League

Implementing the Opioids Settlement Funds         Kahtnu 1
Moderated by Alicia Hughes-Skandijs, Alaska Municipal League

Alaska Cybersecurity Plan and Implementation         Kahtnu 2
Moderated by Erin Reinders, Alaska Municipal League

Economic Impact of Inflation and Demographic Change         Tubughnenq 3
Moderated by Stephanie Nowers, Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Sustainable Energy Strategies = Lowering Energy Costs in Alaska Tubughnenq 4
Moderated by Trisha Sims, Alaska Municipal League

Tax Talk – News, Dos, and Don’ts         Tubughnenq 5

Federal and State Infrastructure Investment                                                    Tikahtnu Ballroom
Moderated by Shareen Crosby, Office of Infrastructure

  • Katherine Keith, Deputy Commissioner, DOT&PF
  • Curtis Thayer, Alaska Energy Authority
  • Garrett Boyle, Denali Commission
  • Tami Fordham, EPA
  • Amy Holman, NOAA
  • Robert Chambers, USDA Rural Development

TIFIA and Other Transportation Financing Tools Kahtnu 1
Moderated by Britta Hamre, Alaska Municipal League

  • Betz Mayer, Pacific Northwest Economic Region

EV Deployment in Rural Alaska Kahtnu 2

Moderated by Erin Reinders, Alaska Municipal League

Water and Sewer Community Technical Assistance         Tubughnenq 3

    • Angela Engelkes and Melody Nibeck, AML

AMLJIA/APEI Merger Q&A         Tubughnenq 4

    • Kevin Smith, AMLJIA
    • Brennan Hickock, AMLJIA

National League of Cities 101         Tubughnenq 5