Conference Agendas


Please Note:  The agenda is being actively updated, and affiliate agendas will be linked below as available.

Draft 2023 Annual Conference Agenda_updated-11.29.2023

Download the Newly Elected Officials Agenda


Wednesday, November 29, 2023 - VIRTUAL

Newly Elected Officials

9:00 am               Budgets and Government Accounting

  • Max Mertz, Mertz & Associates
  • Katie Stachow, Altman Rogers

10:30 am             Break

11:00 am             Lobbying Effectively

  • Heather Brakes, Lobby Alaska

Noon                    Break for lunch

1:00 pm               Ethics and Conflict of Interest

  • Matt Mead, Landye, Bennett, Blumstein, LLP

2:30 pm               Break

3:00 pm               Introduction to Title 29 or Title 29 for Experts

  • Melody Nibeck, Alaska Municipal League
  • Bill Falsey, Huth Reynolds LLP

4:30pm                Adjourn

Monday, December 4, 2023

Newly Elected Officials                                                                             Tikahtnu B

  Affiliate Meetings

  • AAMC Kahtnu 1 & 2
  • AMMA Tikahtnu C
  • AAAO Tikahtnu D
  • ACoM Tikahtnu B
  • AMAA Tikahtnu E/F

5:30 PM               ACoM President’s Reception                                                                  Tikahtnu B


Monday, December 4 – Newly Elected Officials Training                              Ballroom B

8:00am                Breakfast

8:30am                Welcome and Introductions

9:00am                Open Meetings Act

  • Jill Dolan, Fairbanks North Star Borough

10:30 am             Quasi-Judicial Role and Ex-Parte Contact

  • Max Holmquist, JDOLAW

Noon                    Lunch – Introduction to Alaska Municipal League

  • Nils Andreassen, Executive Director

1:00pm                Roles and Responsibilities of Municipal Officials

  • Robert Palmer, City & Borough of Juneau
  • Beth McEwen, MMC, City & Borough of Juneau
  • Holly Wells, Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot

2:30pm                Parliamentary Procedure

  • Sheri Pierce, City of Valdez

4:30pm                Adjourn

5:30pm                ACoM – President’s Legislative Reception                           K’enakatnu

  • Invited – First-time Attendees, Newly Elected Officials, Mayors + Legislators
Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Affiliate Meetings

  • AAMC Kahtnu 1 & 2
  • AMMA Tikahtnu C
  • AAAO Tikahtnu D
  • ACoM Tikahtnu B
  • AMAA Tikahtnu E/F

4:30pm                ARSSTC Annual Meeting                                                                          K’enakatnu

5:00pm                Alaska Municipal Health Trust Annual Meeting                                K’enakatnu

Attended by current plan participants for annual business meeting of Trustees; open to everyone. Light appetizers provided.

6:00pm                Alaska Association of Municipal Clerks – Annual Banquet             Tikahtnu A


Tuesday, December 5    Alaska Conference of Mayors                                                  Ballroom B 

8:00am                Breakfast

                              Welcome Remarks and Introductions

  • Mayor Glenda Ledford, City of Wasilla

9:00am                Embracing Civility

  • Freddie Broome, Director of Equity & Inclusion, Georgia Municipal Association

10:00am              Break

10:30am              Roundtable Discussions

Mayors have the opportunity to identify issues to address that may be of common concern. This facilitated discussion will occur with topics at each table and the ability to move between tables to learn or contribute. Outcomes may contribute to the conference statement.

Noon                    Lunch and Keynote

  • Josh Peach, Inspirational Speaker, Be Au Sm

1:00pm                Concurrent Sessions

Election SecurityJoint Session with Municipal Clerks and Attorneys               Kahtnu 1&2

  • Tina Barton, Committee for Safe & Secure Elections

Assessment Trends and Property Tax Challenges                                            Ballroom B

  • Nils Andreassen, Alaska Municipal League
  • Joseph Caissie, State of Alaska
  • Jack Gadamus, Municipality of Anchorage
  • Mary Hammond, City & Borough of Juneau

3:00pm                ACoM Annual Business Meeting

  • ACoM President – Mayor Glenda Ledford, City of Wasilla

Potential Policy Statements 

  • Supporting science-based decisions of State boards and commissions
  • Opposing additional mandatory property tax exemptions
  • Encouraging increased investment and efforts in support of childcare accessibility and affordability

Election of Officers 

4:30pm                Adjourn

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

8:00 am               Breakfast                                                                                                      Tikahtnu Ballroom

  • Announcements

9:00 am               Opening Session                                                                                         Tikahtnu Ballroom

  • Welcome – Mark Springer, President, Alaska Municipal League
  • Land Acknowledgement
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Welcome – Mayor Dave Bronson, Municipality of Anchorage
  • Welcome – Mayor Victoria Woodards, City of Tacoma, NLC President
  • Members of the Congressional Delegation
    •  Lisa Murkowski, U.S. Senate (video address)
    •  Dan Sullivan, U.S. Senate (video address)
    •  Mary Peltola, U.S. House (video address)

9:45 am               AML – Year in Review                                                                                Tikahtnu Ballroom

  • Erin Reinders, Director of Infrastructure Development, AML
  • Clinton Singletary, Alaska Remote Seller Sales Tax Commission
  • Alicia Hughes-Skandijs, Director of Programs, AML

10:15 am             Break

10:30 am             State of the State                                                                                       Tikahtnu Ballroom

  • Governor Mike Dunleavy (invited)

Legislative Priorities

  • Senator Jesse Bjorkman
  • Senator Jesse Kiehl
  • House Minority Leader Calvin Schrage

Budget and Fiscal Condition

  • Deven Mitchell, CEO, Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation
  • Alexei Painter, Legislative Finance

12:00 pm             Lunch                                                                                                             Tikahtnu Ballroom

 A Day in the Life

Spotlight on the experience of our rural mayors and managers, in daily activities and operations, followed by panel discussion with federal officials.

1:15 pm               Break                                                                                                              Foyer

1:30 pm               Concurrent Sessions

  • Recruiting, Retaining, & Managing a Healthy Workforce      Kahtnu 1

Moderated by Alicia Hughes-Skandijs, Alaska Municipal League

  • Jeff Yates, S3 Management
  • Tiffany Stock, RISQ Consulting
  • Preparing for & Mitigating Environmental Impacts Kahtnu 2

Moderated by Jennifer Adleman, FEMA

  • Garrett Brooks, State Hazard Mitigation Officer
  • John Andrews, Mitigation Planning Program Manager
  • Rai Simpliciano, BRIC Manager
  • Stacy Gundersen, FEMA Region 10 Tribal Liaison
  • Local Government Role in Broadband         Tubughnenq 3

Moderated by Carole Triem, Alaska Municipal League

  • Angelina Panettieri, National League of Cities
  • Thomas Lochner, Alaska Broadband Office
  • Introduction to Asset Management         Tubughnenq 4

Moderated by Angela Engelkes, Alaska Municipal League

  • Iain Cranston, ICInfrastructure
  • Implementation of Carbon Offset Program         Tubughnenq 5

Moderated by Beth Weldon, City & Borough of Juneau

  • Trevor Fulton, Dept. of Natural Resources

2:45 pm               Networking Break                                                                                       Exhibit Hall

3:00 pm               Concurrent Sessions

  • Implementation of Updated Alcohol Statutes and Regulations Kahtnu 1

Moderated by Stu Graham, City of Wasilla

  • Gabriel Gonzales, Alaska Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office
  • Hiring and Managing a Village Police Officer         Kahtnu 2

Moderated by Meghan Topkok, City of Nome

  • Greg Russell, AMLJIA
  • Joseph Gamache, Alaska Police Standards Council
  • Advancing Digital Equity         Tubughnenq 3
    Moderated by Erin Reinders, Alaska Municipal League
    • Chelsea Gulling, Gulling Consulting
    • Jacquie Braden, RurAL CAP
    • Patrick Curtis, AARP
  • Implementing Effective Asset Management         Tubughnenq 4

Moderated by Angela Engelkes, Alaska Municipal League

  • Iain Cranston, ICInfrastructure
  • Cities of Opportunity and Social Determinants of Health         Tubughnenq 5
    • Alicia Hughes-Skandijs, Alaska Municipal League

4:15 pm               Exhibitor Showcase                      

4:30 pm               Music and Networking in the AMLounge

4:30 pm               Work Sessions

  • Evaluating Building Codes       Kahtnu 1

Moderated by Erin Reinders, Alaska Municipal League

  • Michael Spencer, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
  • Energy Intake Hub and Project Development       Kahtnu 2
    • Griffin Plush and Trisha Sims, Alaska Municipal League
  • Coastal Caucus       Tubughnenq 3
    • Robert Venables, Southeast Conference
  • AWIFNC Cohort – Onboarding       Tubughnenq 4
    • Angela Engelkes and Melody Nibeck, Alaska Municipal League

4:30 pm               Committee Meetings                                                                                               K’enakatnu

The AML Legislative and Resolutions Committee will conduct this formal meeting to 1) review and provide for members’ consideration legislation that impacts local governments, and 2) develop and approve AML 2024 resolutions, for action at the Annual Business Meeting.

  • Legislative Committee               
  • Resolutions Committee

5:00 pm               Nominating Committee                                                                                           K’enakatnu       

The AML Nominating Committee will conduct this formal meeting to develop and approve the final candidate slate for the AML board of directors.

5:30 pm               Community Block Party – Sponsored by GovOS                                              Tikahtnu A

                              Silent Auction

7:30 pm               Adjourn Day One

Thursday, December 7, 2023

7:30 am               Registration                                                                                                  2nd Floor Landing

7:30 am               Breakfast and AMLJIA Business Meeting                                            Tikahtnu Ballroom

  • Asset Works
  • Kevin Smith, AMLJIA and Barbara Thurston, APEI

8:30 am               Announcements

8:45 am               Concurrent Sessions

  • Labor Negotiations – Best Practices Kahtnu 1

Moderated by Glenda Ledford, City of Wasilla

  • Emily Wright, City & Borough of Juneau
  • Allison Radford, Washington State
  • Developing a RRIF and TIFIA Plan for Alaska         Kahtnu 2

Moderated by Clay Walker, Denali Borough

  • Betz Mayer, Pacific Northwest Economic Region
  • Erin Reinders, Alaska Municipal League
  • Strengthening Coastal Resilience         Tubughnenq 3

Moderated by Pat Branson, City of Kodiak

  • Jaci Overbeck, NOAA
  • Leslie Anne Jones, Alaska Geospatial Council
  • Liza Mack, Denali Commission
  • Sheyna Wisdom, AOOS
  • Local Government Action on Housing         Tubughnenq 4

Moderated by John Whiddon, City of Kodiak

  • Mason Villarma, City and Borough of Wrangell
  • Katie Koester, City and Borough of Juneau
  • Felix Rivera, Municipality of Anchorage
  • John Moosey, City of Palmer
  • Peter Amylon, Ketchikan Gateway Borough
  • AML Grant Writing Experience and Services         Tubughnenq 5

Moderated by Britta Hamre, Alaska Municipal League

  • Eleanor Oydna, Alaska Municipal League
  • Angelica Casey, Alaska Municipal League

10:15 am             Networking Break                                                                                      

10:30 am             Concurrent Sessions

  • Making the Most of Your Money Kahtnu 1

Moderated by Alicia Hughes-Skandijs, Alaska Municipal League

  • Garrett McDonald, Cashvest by Threeplusone
  • Bill Lierman, AMLIP Investment Advisor
  • BSA – Evaluating the Cap Kahtnu 2

Moderated by Terry Haines, City of Kodiak

  • Heidi Teshner, Deputy Commissioner, DEED
  • New Energy – Deploying Federal Investments         Tubughnenq 3

Moderated by Stephanie Nowers, Matanuska-Susitna Borough

  • Conner Erickson, Alaska Energy Authority
  • Erin Whitney, Arctic Energy Office
  • Katie Conway, Denali Commission
  • Jimmy Ord, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
  • Leveraging Generative AI – Effective Use of ChatGPT         Tubughnenq 4  

Moderated by Felix Rivera, Municipality of Anchorage

  • Kyle Easterly, Pango Technology
  • Alaska’s Public Lands and NACo         Tubughnenq 5

Moderated by Carole Triem, Alaska Municipal League

  • Jonathan Shuffield, NACo (virtual)
  • Clay Walker, Local Boundary Commission

11:45 am             Break    

12:00 pm             Annual Awards  Luncheon                                                                                      Tikahtnu Ballroom

                              Moderated by Mark Springer, President, Alaska Municipal League

  • Elected Official of the Year
  • Municipal Employee of the Year
  • Vic Fischer Lifetime Service Award
  • Emerging Municipal Leader Award
  • Municipal Innovation Awards

Remarks by:

  • Forrest Dunbar, Chair, Senate Community and Regional Affairs

1:00 pm               AML Membership Announcements                                                                     Tikahtnu Ballroom

                              Moderated by Nils Andreassen, Alaska Municipal League                                           

  • Resolution Committee – update to members for 2023 submitted resolutions
  • Nominating Committee – update to members on the slate of AML Board candidates
  • Board Candidates – candidate one-minute intros
  • Associates Recognition – Joe Rice, Lockheed Martin
  • NLC Local Indigenous Leaders Caucus Update – Kirk Ross, NLC

1:30 pm               Concurrent Sessions

  • Implementing the Opioids Settlement Funds         Kahtnu 1

Moderated by Alicia Hughes-Skandijs, Alaska Municipal League

  • Theresa Welton, Office of Substance Misuse and Addiction Prevention
  • Alaska Cybersecurity Plan and Implementation         Kahtnu 2

Moderated by Erin Reinders, Alaska Municipal League

  • Bryan Fisher, DHS&EM
  • Leonard Robertson, Office of the Governor
  • Mark Breunig, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency
  • Economic Impact of Inflation and Demographic Change         Tubughnenq 3

Moderated by Stephanie Nowers, Matanuska-Susitna Borough

  • Nolan Klouda, University of Alaska
  • Brett Watson, University of Alaska
  • Kevin Berry, University of Alaska
  • Sustainable Energy Strategies = Lowering Energy Costs in Alaska Tubughnenq 4

Moderated by Trisha Sims, Alaska Municipal League

  • Griffin Plush, Alaska Municipal League
  • Dustin Madden, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
  • Tax Talk – News, Dos, and Don’ts         Tubughnenq 5
    • Clinton Singletary, Alaska Municipal League
    • Joseph Caissie, State Assessor

2:45 pm               Ice Cream Social and Exhibitor Drawing                                               

3:15 pm               Federal and State Infrastructure Investment                                                    Tikahtnu Ballroom

Moderated by Shareen Crosby, Office of Infrastructure

  • Katherine Keith, Deputy Commissioner, DOT&PF
  • Curtis Thayer, Alaska Energy Authority
  • Garrett Boyle, Denali Commission
  • Tami Fordham, EPA
  • Amy Holman, NOAA
  • Robert Chambers, USDA Rural Development

4:30 pm               Music and Networking in the AMLounge

4:30 pm               Afternoon Break and Sidebar Conversations

                              Work Sessions

  • TIFIA and Other Transportation Financing Tools Kahtnu 1

Moderated by Britta Hamre, Alaska Municipal League

  • Betz Mayer, Pacific Northwest Economic Region
  • EV Deployment in Rural Alaska Kahtnu 2

Moderated by Erin Reinders, Alaska Municipal League

  • Josi Hartley, Alaska Energy Authority
  • Water and Sewer Community Technical Assistance         Tubughnenq 3
    • Angela Engelkes and Melody Nibeck, AML
  • AMLJIA/APEI Merger Q&A         Tubughnenq 4
    • Kevin Smith, AMLJIA
    • Brennan Hickock, AMLJIA
  • National League of Cities 101         Tubughnenq 5
    • Kirk Ross, National League of Cities

5:30 pm               Game Night!                                                                                                Tikahtnu A              

  • Live Music
  • Cornhole
  • Clue
  • Trivia
  • Bucking Salmon
  • Axe Throwing

A fun event to socialize and reconnect.   

8:00 pm               Adjourn Day Two

Friday, December 8, 2023

7:30 am               Breakfast

8:00 am               AMLIP Annual Meeting                                                                            Tubughnenq 3-5

                              Jointly with the Alaska Government Finance Officers Association

                              Moderated by Terry Eubank, President, AMLIP Board of Directors

  • Investment Manager Report – Market Dynamics
  • Custodian Report – Membership, Participation, and Utilization
  • Investment Advisor Report – New Series and Performance Oversight
    • Bill Lierman, APCM
  • AMLIP Board Elections
    • Announcing 2024 Board of Directors
    • Election of Officers

9:00 am               Alaska Municipal League Annual Business Meeting                        Tubughnenq 3-5

                              President’s Report

  • Mark Springer

Director’s Report

  • Nils Andreassen, Executive Director


Vote for new board members and officers

Legislative and Resolutions Committee

Chaired by Beth Weldon, Vice President

  • Legislative Positions
  • Resolutions

Election Results


11:30 am             Adjourn Annual Conference