Business Meeting Resources

Alaska Municipal League’s Annual Business Meeting will occur at the Annual Local Government Conference at 9:00 AM on Friday, December 9, 2022.  At the Business Meeting, the AML membership will discuss, vote on, and adopt the 2023 Resolutions and the 2023 Policy Statement. The Draft Policy Statement can be found below.  Any changes to the Draft Policy Statement or Draft AML Resolutions must be submitted no later than October 25, 2022, to be discussed by the Legislative and Resolutions committee meeting on December 7, 2022, before going before the Membership at the Annual Business Meeting.

Priorities, Resolutions & Position Statements
An important part of the Annual Local Government Conference is to discuss and approve the 2023 AML Legislative Priorities, Position Statements and adopt Resolutions on key legislative issues. The process is completed at the business meeting during the conference, where the membership will review and adopt the 2023 documents.

2022-23 Resolutions Procedure

2022 Draft Policy Statement

Legislative Committee  

AML’s Legislative Committee is an active group that focuses on developing strategy, and honing AML’s advocacy efforts. Join the Legislative Committee by filling out the form below.  By joining the Legislative Committee, you are committing to attending three in-person meetings each year (AML’s Winter Legislative Conference, Summer Legislative Conference and Annual Local Government Conference), and participating in weekly calls during Legislative Session.

Legislative Committee Application

AML Board Of Director Openings
Interested in becoming more involved in the Alaska Municipal League? Why not run for a seat on the Board of Directors? AML Board Members must be a Mayor or another elected member of the governing body of your municipality, be able to be present at a majority of the AML Board meetings, and have authorization to commit financial support from your municipality for active participation.

2023 AML Board of Directors Application